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Our organic products are grown and processed without any chemicals. We already have organic certification that is recognized internationally and locally.  Our conventional products are actually grown organically too without chemicals, but there are located in border areas with non-organic agricultures. Hence for plantation areas that have not been officially certified organic, we sell the products as conventional. However, if the plantation areas have received organic certification, we will sell it as organic.

We have strict protocol to check and inspect our products in every step. However, we are happy to invite you or your representative to come to our factory and check our quality before shipment.

We accept bank transfer (TT) and L/C. For small orders, below 1 metric ton, we require a 100% advanced full payment, paid 5 days prior to shipment, pick-up or delivery. For large orders, 1 metric ton or more, the initial payment is 50% and the balance is paid 5 days before the shipment is collected or delivered.

Yes you can, we are more than happy to welcome you! Keep in mind that our country has tropical climate and the average temperature is 28°C, could be lower in mountain areas. The relative humidity is also quite high, so cool and chill outfit is highly recommended.


They are originated from different trees. Coconut sugar is made from the nectar sap of flower-bud stem of coconut tree called Cocos nucifera. Palm sugar is made from the nectar sap of flower-bud stem of palm tree called Arenga pinnata.

1-4 weeks before shipment depending on your order quantity and our capacity utilization. We do not rush order production, because we want to make sure that the product we ship to you is of the highest quality.

Coconut Sugar

EU Organic, USDA Organic, HACCP, Halal.


Palm Sugar

Halal, BPOM, Organic Indonesia.

Yes, we do. For bulk packaging, we have 20kg and 25kg pack size, inner packaging thick nylon, outer packaging multiwall paperbag / sack.

Yes, we do. Our private label packaging is as below:

Sachet 750 x 8gr, 120 x 12 gr

Standing Pouch 250gr, 500gr, 1000gr, 1lb, 2lbs

Please contact us with your requirement

Yes, we can send you free sample of coconut and palm sugar. You do not need to pay for sample if you have shipping account.

Minimum order quantity for bulk packaging is 500 kgs.  For first time buyers, we are pretty flexible, please contact us about your requirement.


Coco peat (also known as coco pith) is made from the husks of coconuts, while coco fiber is made from the fibers of coconuts. Coco peat has an earthly brown color and granular material, while coco fiber has natural golden shiny brown and fibrous texture.

Coco fiber is more fibrous than coco peat, with better water holding capacity, but peat is more nutritious. Mix peat and fiber for best result.

They improve the growing conditions for plants. The open texture provides the perfect balance of aeration, drainage and water retention. It promotes beneficial microbes, that support plant growth, and is pH and nutrient balanced. It is 100% organic, naturally biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Our product comes from a region called Pangandaran in West Java. With close connection with our producers, we know we have some of the best raw material available. From the beginning, all stages of the manufacturing process are carried out according to set standards, from the selection of high-quality dried husks, to rinsing and washing in clean water, until the final fumigation step. With all those controlled processes, we can achieve a consistent quality.

As long as there is no contamination, cocopeat can be re-used for several crop cycles, depending on the plant requirements and the grower’s needs and preferences.

Yes! You can make several final products with coco fiber such as coco pots, coco ropes, geo textiles, plant box, to replace foam materials in beds, seat cushions, mattress, car seats, sofas and many more.

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